But, we are BORED!

The presents have been opened and played with.  Your kids are BORED.  There’s nothing to do.  Pull out some of these boredom busters to help ease the long day.


Ice Skating

Hike (kids HATE walking, but finding a trail in a local park or state park turns walking into an ADVENTURE.  Bonus points if the trail has markers to look for!)

Visit the zoo

Read together

Visit a botanic garden

Make paper snowflakes (designs to get you started)

Bake or cook together (these or those)

Play a board game

Build a fort

Play The Floor is Lava

Have a picnic on the living room floor

Play balloon volleyball

Make a family scrapbook or time capsule using photos and videos from this year

Set an alarm on your phone and hide it.  See if the rest of the family can find it before it goes off.

Do a puzzle together

Take turns choosing a movie to watch.  Introduce your kids to the classics from your childhood.

Make a big bin of water beads

Have a scavenger hunt

Crafts (Origami, Sewing, Beading, or Drawing are all fun options)

Have more ideas?  Please share!