Camp News from Session 3

Owen masters the monkey bars



Session Three Was the Place to Be!

We had a FANTASTIC third (and last) week of camp!  As we all wonder where the summer went, take a second to check out what we’ve been up to this week:

In Movement/Occupational Therapy with Renee, we revisited some of our favorite games like Musical Spots, Freeze Dance, and Body Band.  We worked on cooperation and executive functioning skills with a few obstacle courses and relay races.  And we learned some “old school,” classic games, like “Red Light Green Light,” “Simon Says,” “Duck Duck Goose,” and “Mother May I.”  All of these games help us follow directions and practice control of our bodies.

In Play Therapy/Social Skills with Amy, we continued our practice of naming our feelings and listening to the feelings of others.  We expanded our pretend play skills by using the rocket ship, the sharks and dinosaurs, and the castle/jail.  We worked on turn taking and following rules (and tolerating winning and losing!) by playing some board games, such as Race to the Treasure, Monster Flush, and Ghost Party.  And we wrote our own musical about the Lincoln Sisters and their cats going to the circus (complete with tap dance!).

In Speech Therapy with Jenn, we continued to practice working on our pragmatic language, our expressive language, and our executive functioning skills.  We read One Day The End and wrote our own stories.  We played Super Fight to create our own superheroes, and had an imaginary battle against Joker.  We played Cranium Hullabulloo to practice following multi-step directions.  We played a lot of building games (with legos and Mine Craft Blocks) to practice communicating to a partner.  And we honed our question-asking and answering skills with Pokemon Headbands.

In Art with Nora, we made mixed media collages and painted canvases.  On the playground, we played tag and ran through the sprinklers.  We played “follow the leader” and “the floor is lava.”  After practicing for three weeks, several of our campers mastered the monkey bars. And we created the biggest hopscotch EVER (48 squares!) and shared it with kids from other camps.  We had some great read-alouds this week, too:  Memoirs of a GoldfishThe Very Cranky BearUh Oh OctopusDragons Love TacosCreepy Pair of Underwear, and The Night I Followed the Dog.

Thanks so much for sharing part of your summer with us!

Amy, Jenn, & Renee

Red Light Green Light
Tyler and Jax
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