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Reading Comprehension Boot Camp

Posted on: August 30th, 2021 by Joe Lowery No Comments

We know its hard to get back into the grove of school! Let us give your kids a head start by attending our Reading Comprehension Boot Camp. This group is for students who are on grade-level in decoding but may benefit from some extra reading comprehension practice. 

Comprehension for Grades 1 and 2: Fridays 3:30-4:30

Using high interest text and fun activities, students will work on skills such as answering WH questions, visualization, beginning inferring skills, re-telling/summarizing the story, identifying the main idea, and using context clues. While the focus of this six week group is comprehension word attack strategies and sentence writing will also be taught. Students will be exposed to both nonfiction and fiction texts. 

Comprehension for Grade 3: Fridays 4:45-5:45

As students enter grade three learning shifts from learning to read to reading to learn. Our six week session will help students practice the necessary skills to help them interpret longer and more complex text. Each week students will practice a different skill using fun and motivating fiction and non-fiction texts. Students will also practice writing responses to text based questions. Skills to be practiced include; identifying main ideas, differentiating between relevant and irrelevant details, inference, prediction, visualization, summarization, and how to use context clues.

Meet the Providers

Andi Reich MS CCC-SLP

Andi Reich is a speech language pathologist passionate about offering speech, language, and literacy services to children. She is currently earning her Certificate of Advanced Studies in Language and Literacy at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. Andi has extensive experience working with children with reading and writing disorders. She is excited to bring her knowledge and passion to Manner of Speaking and Speak, Learn, and Play. Andi will be running Reading Comprehension Bootcamp which was co-created by herself and

Jennifer Volpe, MS CCC-SLP

Jennifer is the lead speech language pathologist and founder of Manner of Speaking and co-Founder of Speak, Learn, and Play. She has been working with students with language based learning disabilities for 15 years. She started a remedial reading program at a high school and has taught literacy classes to language impaired students in a number of special education schools. Jennifer specializes in evaluating, diagnosing and treating reading disorders as well as the language underpinnings that result in reading disabilities. Jennifer is certified in Wilson Reading System and is completing her Science and Reading Certificate. 

Manner of Speaking is a speech and language clinic with a strong focus on reading acquisition and comprehension. Speech Language Pathologists are uniquely qualified to identify and treat decoding, reading comprehension and writing weaknesses. 

Fine Print

This group session is intended for students who are on grade level in terms of decoding. A recent progress note or report card must be submitted with an application. 

Financial Responsibility: Payment in full is due before the first class. Refunds will not be given for missed sessions unless canceled by the clinician. In the event of illness, we will make an effort to have your child participate virtually. 

Insurance: Services provided by a Speech Language Pathologist are eligible for out of network benefits. Invoices will be coded for reimbursement. For group sessions, Manner of Speaking will not call insurance companies for preauthorization or submit any evaluation paperwork that was not completed by Manner of Speaking.