Spring Break Camp

Shane at JJ Byrne Shane at JJ Byrne

We were a small but mighty group, and had a super fun week!  Take a peek at what we’ve been up to…

In movement with Renee and Jenelle, we revisited a few old favorites, and learned some new games.  We played musical spots, and worked on our bilateral coordination with scooter relays.  We gave ourselves massages using the wall, and played scarf tag.  We used the parachute to create milkshakes, and we LOVED using the body band to fling ourselves from one end of the gym to the other.

In speech groups with Jenn, we played with the food, dolls, and cars to practice conversational skills and work on turn taking.  We used board games like Guess Who, Forbidden Island, Headbands, and Would You Rather to practice executive functioning skills, conversational skills, and language processing.

In play therapy groups with Amy, we played with the food, dolls, cars, and magnet tiles to practice turning taking and sharing, and to expand our pretend play.  We used the water beads as an ocean, and had lots of fun floating toys, and burying them.  Superheroes and bad guys, and the Playmobil stuff were very popular as we explored themes related to self-esteem, belonging, and bullying.

We LOVED getting out of the office to walk to JJ Byrne playground.  We spent over an hour climbing, swinging, running, and jumping.  The trip sparked a conversation about other favorite Brooklyn spots that our campers like to visit.

We had lots of fun read-alouds this week, too:  Memoirs of a Goldfish, The Day the Crayons Quit, The Day the Crayons Came Home, and Memoirs of a Hamster.

But most of all we loved getting to play with your kids this week.  Thank you so much for sharing your break with us!

See you soon…

Amy, Jenn, Renee, and Jenelle

Athena, taking a break from tag

Athena, taking a break from tag

Aidan in the body band

Aidan in the body band