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Dearest Kiddos,

Posted on: May 11th, 2021 by Amy Weber No Comments



I can’t believe that we’re nearing the end of the school year!  I’ve been thinking about all of the things that I’ve learned this year, and wanted to write them down so I wouldn’t forget…

You’ve taught me how to Zoom.  Seriously, you guys figured that out WAY before I did, and you taught me how to share screens and change my virtual background and use SnapCamera to turn myself into a potato and use the chat.  I’ve learned to always look for the joy and the fun even when life is pretty sucky.     

You’ve taught me A LOT about Roblox, and gotten me hooked on some games.  You waited for me when I couldn’t figure out how to move my avatar, and you taught me how to buy Robux so that I could skip hard levels.  And you taught me how to update my avatar, so that I didn’t look like a “bacon haired noob.”  I’ve learned patience from your example.

We’ve played Fortnite, and even though I was “literally the worst player EVER,” you apologized and came back to help me.   You’ve taught me the importance of repair after an argument.

Your schools have closed, and re-opened, and closed again.  You’ve had to quarantine because someone in your class had COVID, and you left your home for long stretches of time when it didn’t seem safe to stay in NYC.  You’ve taught me everything about flexibility, and going with the flow.

You’ve adjusted to wearing a mask, even when it’s hot and uncomfortable.  You’ve kept a distance from friends, even when you weren’t really sure why that was important.  You’ve figured out Zoom playdates and FaceTime calls with grandparents.  You’ve shown me how easy it is to take care of others, and keep each other safe.

And your moms and dads…  your moms and dads have done everything to make this year work.  They’ve arranged their work schedules so that they can sit with you on Google Classroom.  They’ve set multiple alarms so that you remember to log into class.  They’ve watched YouTube videos so that they can figure out your math homework with you.  They’ve created pods so that you’re not lonely.  They’ve taken you out of NYC so that you have more space to run around.  And when they’ve thought they can’t possibly do this for one more day, they somehow wake up and do it again.  Incredible!  


You’re all amazing!


Love, Amy