Thanks for Giving!

November is the perfect time to reflect on the year – what has gone well, what has been a disaster, what I’m grateful for, and my hopes for next year.  This year, among many things, I’m appreciative for a pretty incredible job.  Here’s why:

  •  I love getting to be a part of so many different families’ lives.  Getting to know your interests, your likes/dislikes, your values, and helping you create the relationships you want is pretty amazing work, and I feel privileged to take that journey with you.
  •  I get to really flex my creativity muscle.  I love trying to figure out the best way to teach a skill or connect with a kid.  What is the best way to teach task initiation through play?  How can I connect to a 4 year old who would rather play on their own?  What are the best Lego projects to teach frustration tolerance and planning skills?  What board game is best to teach collaboration and teamwork?
  •  And, related to creativity, I cannot think of many jobs that allow adults to play all day.  Am I having tough conversations?  Yes.  Am I aware of the trauma and fear and sadness and anger that’s coming up?  Absolutely.  But there’s something healing for children and adults in play, and I love spending most of my day sitting on the floor, playing board games and playing with Playmobil.  There is nothing better than joining a child’s world through play.
  •  I learn something new every day.  The kids are constantly teaching me about Tik Tok and Minecraft and the latest Netflix shows and the newest slang.  I love learning about these trends, and, more importantly, about why they’re important to the child.  What do they like about these dance videos?  What hack have they learned in Minecraft?  How do they feel when they use that new word?
  •  I get to collaborate with talented professionals every day.  In case you haven’t been “behind the scenes” of Speak, Learn, & Play, it’s a pretty awesome place to work!  We get to play in a sensory gym and figure out board games together.  We bounce ideas off of each other, and sometimes we share families.  We support each other, and jump in if someone needs help.  I am so fortunate to be working with such an incredible group of women.

Wishing you and your family the happiest of Thanksgivings!