Zooming Through Session Two!



Session Two Flew By!

What a week we’ve had!  Session two was filled with teamwork, friendship, and fun.  Check out what we’ve been up to:

In Movement/Occupational Therapy with Renee, we played some old favorites like Musical Spots and Freeze Dance, practicing self-regulation and staying in control of our bodies.  We enjoyed the body band, which gave us lots of resistance and deep pressure.  And we worked as teams on several relay races through obstacle courses, practicing our motor planning and sequencing skills, as well as our sportsmanship skills.

In Play Therapy/Social Skills Groups with Amy, we continued working on identifying emotions in ourselves and others, as well as starting to anticipate how we might react and how the other person might react in situations.  We played with dress-up, playing with identity and literally putting ourselves in another’s shoes (or cape).  We continued expanding our pretend play skills with the Playmobil rocketship, circus, castle, and pirate ship.  We played a few board games, too.  Race to the Treasure and Ghost Party were our favorites!  And we built with blocks and magnet tiles, working in partnerships to create various buildings for people and cars.

In Speech Therapy with Jenn, we continued to expand our pragmatic and expressive language skills, as well as our ability to sequence and organize our ideas.  We created our own paper Sumo wrestlers, giving them character attributes, and held wrestling matches.  We made Lego marble mazes in partnerships.  We read The Day the Crayons Quit, and had a color scavenger hunt.  We worked in teams to play Headbands, honing our questioning skills.  We also practiced back-and-forth conversation skills, and expanding our common topics.

In Art with Nora, we made collages and worked with clay.  On the playground, we played tag/chase, rental car counter, and king/queendom.  We also LOVED racing through the sprinklers, and playing with the spots to stop and start the water.  We had several great read alouds this week, including Lady Pancake and Sir French ToastLady Pancake and Sir French Toast:  The Case of the Stinky Stench, and Accident!

Thanks for spending the week with us!

Amy, Jenn, & Renee

Jacob & Owen, waiting for the sprinklers
             JJ at the playground

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